BioArt : Feeding the Mind with Thomas Feuerstein’s Living Machines and Green Organs

17/04/2016 - 4 minutes

Thomas Feuerstein is an Austrian BioArtist who sculptures with living organisms and Biotechnology lab equipment – which challenges the mentality of hardcore Green science.

thomas_feurenstein_bioart_green_blood_biotechBased in Innsbruck, Thomas originally studied Art History and Philosophy. His works started dwelling on Biotech during the 90’s, from when he was part of the Bibliophy project, which ran from 1995 to 2002.

This aimed to discuss ideas surrounding genetic engineering, when he wrote an essay named ‘Better Dead Than Read‘:

The question ‘Better dead than read?’ (…) places us before the choice of dying a ‘natural’ death or reading ourselves and our environment, in other words decoding the book of nature and subsequently recoding it.”

Building on this, Thomas works with Biotechnology would become exhibitions that take natural phenomena, like digestion and formation of fossil fuels, to an artificial setting of laboratory equipment and vessels.

For example, Pancreas (2012) is a processual sculpture that transforms books into sugar,

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