Fermentation facility opens its doors in Wisconsin

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A new fermentation facility producing food ingredients and cultures, bacterial cultures, and probiotics has been opened in Franksville, Wisc., by Cultures Supporting Life (CSL).

The ingredients, cultures and probiotics produced will be used in dairy, food, dietary supplements, pharma, and agriculture.

Kyle Griffiths, vice president of sales and marketing said: “The new production facilities located in the United States will increase our flexibility to serve the needs of US customers, while increasing the global capacity for our worldwide customer base. 

US marketplace

“We believe that the creation will accelerate our efforts to grow in both the health and nutrition and the food and beverage markets globally as we bring new products and service to the US marketplace.”

The new custom fermentation facility is 80,000 sq. ft and aims to support the growing food, beverage, health, and nutrition markets.

CSL USA will have access to strains and technologies developed by Sacco System, from Milan, Italy, which the company has developed over its 150 years of history.

Largest fermentation organization

Sacco System has been producing food ingredients including food cultures, bacterial cultures, and probiotics, for the dairy, food, dietary supplements, pharma, and agriculture markets since 1872.  It is also one of the largest contract fermentation organizations in the world.

As an official technology partner to Sacco System, CSL enters the market with a strong platform of science and a long history of fermentation experience.  The companies said this business association will provide mutual benefits to both and most importantly, to their customers.

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