Curetis IPO Launched to further expand Infectious Disease Detection in Global Market

14/10/2015 - 2 minutes

Curetis AG, the molecular diagnostics company from the Stuttgart area (Germany), has now announced its launch of an initial public offering (IPO). Previously, this biotech has raised €63.5M to develop its Unyvero Platform for testing infectious disease, including Pneumonia and biomarkers in antibiotic resistance. This new IPO aims to further commercialize this system and expand the global reach of Curetis.

Curetis_LogoHospital acquired infections (HAI) result in deaths of up to 99,000 patients per year in the US alone. Therefore, the quest for early detection of such infectious diseases is subject to a refined area of biotech R&D. The Unyvero platform from Curetis uses disposable cartridges to detect Pneumonia (and up to 61 other micro-organisms which cause disease) as well as pick-up biomarkers seen in HAIs.

The IPO will launch shares of its Dutch holding company (Curetis N.V.) on the Euronext market for Brussels (BE) and Amsterdam (NL). This fundraiser aims to further Curetis’

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