What’s the Truth about Gender Diversity in Biotech?

28/06/2016 - 5 minutes

The diversity debate in biotech has always been there. In the month of Pride and after LifeSci’s party scandal at JPMorgan 2016, I was wondering what’s the real situation about diversity in biotech? And what could be the solutions?

Haven’t you heard about the LifeSci’s party scandal? In short: the editor of BioCentury Karen Bernstein and Kate Bingham from SV Life Sciences, supported by most of the American biotech leaders, published an open letter to call for an end of any event that present women as “chattel”. The party was one of the largest and most famous of JPMorgan (over 1000 people).

The letter was republished by all major American biotech media and reached most of the biotech community. I have heard of this story at literally every biotech event I’ve been to since JPMorgan. LifeSci’s reputation was obviously seriously damaged, and it apologized publicly.


This story seriously raised the debate on diversity in the biotech field. This is far more valuable,

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