Gecko’s Heart surgery glue the new Cover of Science’s Translational Medicine

30/09/2015 - 2 minutes

Gecko Biomedical is a young Parisian biotech which is now featured on the front cover of the Science  Journal for Translational Medicine. We explore their surgery adhesive tech inspired by natural stickiness of molluscan slugs, and their latest proof of its application in heart surgery.

bannerF1.mediumGecko Biomedical was only founded in 2013 by a rockstar combination of Robert Langer (crazy successful MIT professor with involvement in over 24 other biotechs, including Moderna), Maria Pereira (the 29 year old inventor of the Gecko glue listed in Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2015) and Jeffrey Karp (Harvard Medical School asosciate professor and listed as one of the top healthcare innovators by Boston Business Journal) to name a couple.

Developed from polyglycerol sebacate acrylate (a combination of glycerol and sebacic acid), a photosensitive additive causes setting of the Gecko glue within 5 seconds of UV exposure. Originally inspired by sticky insects,

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