UPDATED: French Gene Therapy for Blindness Launches another IPO

21/07/2016 - 2 minutes

Update (21/07/2016): Gensight has successfully completed its IPO, raising €40M. This brings the Biotech’s total market capitalization to near €149M. The option of round oversubscription to €46M is still open.

Originally published on 5/7/2016

After canceling its NASDAQ IPO back in April, GenSight is now launching on the Euronext Paris. It wants to raise €40M in total, but already has €29M covered. 


gensight eye gene therapy euronext pairsAs one of the better known Paris-based Biotechs, GenSight focuses on gene therapy for eye diseases. Its technology for mitochondrial and neurodegenerative diseases has immense potential, as we discussed in an interview with its CEO, Bernard Gilly.

This is also the ‘pitch’ for their IPO on the Euronext Paris, which has begun today and will end next Tuesday. The goal is to raise €40M, with an option for a maximum of €46M.

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Part of the money is already secured, as a group of previous investors will put up €17.3M.

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