German Viral Vector Producer SIRION pursues its American dream and opens in Boston

18/06/2015 - 2 minutes

The biggest biocluster of the World is still attractive. Munich-based Sirion Biotech decided to open an office to establish its US presence and benefit from Boston’s leading position in the gene therapy field.

Gene Therapy is the next big thing in Biotech and is now moving from a theoretical dream to reality. Boston is clearly the hotspot for this field, with very active companies and academic centers. A few facts on the cluster: Bluebird Bio has the biggest market cap in the gene therapy space (see the exclusive interview of its CEO Nick Leschly), CRISPR has been co-invented at the MIT and BROAD Institute, and Editas is headquartered there.

Gene Therapy is performed thanks to viruses, called viral vectors. The approach can be direct, when the viruses inject copies of the gene straight in the DNA, or indirectly, with viruses injecting the gene-editing tools (CRISPR or TALEN) into the cell.

Sirion Biotech, a leading viral vector platform company, provides the three most-commonly used viral vectors: adenovirus,

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