This Leading Israeli Biopharma is in Good Shape to fight Crohn’s Disease

03/03/2016 - 3 minutes

RedHill Biopharma (Israel) is in a solid financial position to reap the benefits of several advanced trials in inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases, including Crohn’s. The company just released its financial statements, with some interesting highlights…

redhill_biopharma_israel_gi_gastrointestinal_crohn's_cancerBased in Tel-Aviv, RedHill is developing small molecule oral drugs for a variety of conditions connected to the gastrointestinal tract. It is listed on the NASDAQ, with a market cap of €120M, but surprisingly just 11 employees (and only 1 in R&D).

The financial report shows the company is in solid financial state. It has no debts and €53M in cash reserves at the end of 2015, thanks to two public offerings, raising over €50M ($54.7M). It will use this money to further advance its clinical projects.

One candidate (RHB-104) is  in a phase II trial for Multiple Sclerosis, and another potential indication is Rheumatoid Arthritis. And there are several other advanced projects in the pipeline…

For example, one of RedHill’s focus areas is Crohn’s Disease,

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