ExPLoRNA Therapeutics receives mRNA technology funding


ExPLoRNA Therapeutics, a Polish biotech company working on mRNA vaccines and therapeutics, has received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to further develop its mRNA technology

ExPLoRNA specializes in novel cap analogs, the starting part of mRNA crucial for enabling successful production of the encoded protein. ExPLoRNA’s technology increases protein production beyond the scale observable so far with other standard cap analogs.

Total funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is $813,578. It will be utilized for a 14-month project. The project aims to better understand the benefits of ExPLoRNA’s cap analogs, especially in reducing the mRNA dose needed for therapeutic effects in the settings of vaccination and monoclonal antibody production.

The planned experiments include the use of the clinically validated lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations from Canadian company Acuitas Therapeutics. Acuitas provides the LNP technology for one of the only two regulatory-approved mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines.

ExPLoRNA Therapeutics is the first Polish biotech company to receive funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. ExPLoRNA Therapeutics said its commitment is to make mRNA technology more accessible in low-income countries to help fight diseases threatening human lives and well-being.

 Jacek Jemielity, CEO of ExPLoRNA Therapeutics, said: “We are grateful for the foundation’s support to help us achieve our vision. With the help of this grant, we intend to speed up the development of future mRNA vaccines and therapies.” Jemielity is also a professor at the University of Warsaw.

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