Meet the CEO who wants to transform Pretty Corals into therapies for Cancer

14/04/2016 - 5 minutes

The dream of Coral Biome in France is to use marine coral species to develop therapies against Cancer. We had the chance to meet Fréderic Gault, the co-founder and CEO.

coral_biome_cancer_biotech_gault_palytoxinWith an Education in biology followed by a specialism in aquaculture engineering, Fréderic immediately understood the importance of corals and their therapeutic potential in human health.

Back in Marseille, he partnered with his former teacher in biology, Yvan Perez (a Senior lecturer at Aix Marseille University). Driven by their passion for aquaculture, the two partners have matured their culture coral farm project, later joining forces in 2011 to launch the first biotech orientated coral crop farm corals in France.

Coral biome has since been awarded the Entrepreneurship Network PACA, the innovation Prize of Innovation CAP and Créa13 Prize of the General Council.


So what exactly were you trying to do with the Coral farm?

This ‘blue prospecting’ technique allows us to investigate the extraordinary variety of marine chemicals which have the potential to treat cancer,

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