“The Next Generation of Biologicals will be Cell-based”

19/11/2015 - 6 minutes

That’s what Zami Aberman, CEO of one of the world-leading cell-therapy company Pluristem told me during our lunch at Berlin this week. An enthusiastic statement for a sector that could indeed be the next blockbuster after the monoclonal antibodies.

pluristem_logoPluristem is an Israel based Biotech company developing off-the-shelf cell therapies for a variety of human diseases. What makes it different is that it uses human placenta cells from donors instead of the patient’s own cell. These ones are not genetically modified but the proprietary production process of the company will “train” them to effectively deliver a mix of proteins to the patients once injected.

The company now counts 160 employees and is publicly listed on the NASDAQ. It’s market cap has decreased by 50% over the last six months and is now $120M.

Zami Aberman is a veteran of the cell therapy industry – he has been with Pluristem for over 10 years and is a board member of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine.

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