Pierre Fabre partners for Open Innovation in Infectious Disease

15/04/2016 - 3 minutes

Pierre Fabre has a new partnership for its Open Innovation programme based on an extensive plant library. It will now count with VibioSphen to develop new phyto-chemicals to fight infectious diseases.

pierre_fabre_vibiosphen_open_innovationPierre Fabre is the 3rd largest Pharma in France, employing over 10,000 people and generating revenues of over €2Bn.

Lately, this mid-sized company made efforts to open up its innovation process, from new partnerships overseas to opening a Fund for Innovation targeting smaller Biotechs.

Now, another Pierre Fabre’s innovation strategy is advancing with its second partnership (after Plasticell). The programme is the ‘Nature Open Library‘ and was launched in December. It intends to explore its 15,000-sample library of plants and phytochemical compounds (chemicals produced by plants).

Libraries like this are important assets, such as MorphoSys’ antibody library or Pronutria’s food proteome library.

The Biotech involved in this new partnership is VibioSphen,

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