Update: Cold Sore Season is Here! AiCuris might have a Herpes Cure

09/05/2016 - 2 minutes

Update (09/05/2017): AiCuris has started a Phase II trial, PRIOH-1, with the oral version of its herpes cure pritelivir. 

Update (17/01/2017): The company has presented results from its first Phase II trial with pritelivir. The drug candidate proved to work better than the antiviral drug valacyclovir, currently the standard of care.

Update (01/12/2017): AiCuris announced that it has begun Phase II trials.

Originally published on 24/08/2016

Cold sores plagued 67% of people under 50 in 2012. AiCuris is developing a cure, pritelivir, and it just cleared Phase I trials. It could be superior to treatments currently on the market.

Cold sores, known as recurrent labial herpes in medical speak, are painful and embarrassing for anyone unlucky enough to catch them. Moreover, they’re highly infectious, so if this is you, kiss responsibly. It’s little comfort that you’d be one of 3.7 billion people worldwide to be infected with them.

These sores are caused by herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1),

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