This New Approach Simplifies Protein Analysis

12/10/2017 - 5 minutes

Analyzing your protein sample can be a right hassle. It takes time, energy and a LOT of nerves. Especially, when the experiment has not worked out the way one wanted it to. But there is a way around it, and this company has found the solution!

The use of protein biomarkers has become an essential part of research in areas like translational proteomics, drug development and diagnostics. Protein assays are a great part of everyday laboratory routines, and researchers take a lot of work upon themselves to identify, analyze and quantify the proteins in their samples.

Every scientist who has ever worked in a lab will now nod in agreement. We all remember those multiple steps in protein analysis, starting with their isolation and extraction from the sample, the tiresome filling of wells on a microtiter plate, or running gels and chromatographies, then the frustration when an experiment does not work out and having to start all over again.

How to properly analyze your protein sample?

All of the above are reasons why researchers and companies alike are increasingly trying to automate laboratory processes.

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