Aliens in the Cornfield: The Borg Are Taking over Nebraska

29/10/2016 - 3 minutes

The assimilation of the human race has begun! A Star Trek nightmare is coming true, as biohackers recruit piercing artists to build human-based Borg.

Similar to the Borg’s obsession with perfecting biological life through machinery, biohackers are driven to make human life easier with technological implants. The first trials have already begun, as some biohackers have implanted lights and entire circuit boards under their skin. In the most recent step towards our own Borg race, a Nebraskan has implanted an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification Device) under his skin with the help of a local piercer.

Inspired by the biohacking community, Johnathan Carlson, a first-year student in computer and electrical engineering at the Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln, moseyed over to Onyx Piercing to have an owner Matt Bavougian set the chip in his hand between his left forefinger and thumb. Matt told The Daily Nebraskan that while such requests are still uncommon, at least in the Lincoln area, he has received them before; however, most of them “aren’t serious.”

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