The Miracle Berry which Hacks your Taste Buds to Replace Sugar

17/05/2015 - 3 minutes

Can you name a fruit capable of disturbing your taste buds? For up to two hours, the red miracle berry can transform sour foods like lemon or vinegar, in an amazing sweet taste. It’s a very interesting berry because of its non-caloric property for anti-obesity and anti-diabetes use.

This miracle berry that grows in West Africa contains Miraculin, a glycoprotein which was first extracted back in 1968. The local population knew the effects for much longer and chewed the fruit pulp to make sour maize bread more tasty. Only, in the 2000s did researchers from France and Japan discover the receptor involved in the reaction.

You have several molecules acting on the human sweet receptor :

– sucrose (which we extract from sugar beet), fructose and glucose

– artificial sweeteners like aspartam

– natural sweeteners like Stevia

– four protein with a sweet power, like thaumatin, monelin, brazzein and miraculin coming from African plants.

But miraculin is different because it binds to the human sweet taste receptor like sugar and aspartame but doesn’t induce a sweet sensation.

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