9 biotechnology gifts to get these holidays

Image/ Elena Resko
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This article was originally published in December 2020 and has been updated.

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re looking for biotechnology gifts for your biotech-obsessed friends (or yourself), look no further. 

It’s always hard to find original gifts for the holidays. For those who love biotechnology, we have some ideas you can surprise them with instead of getting them socks yet another year. From fashion and decoration to board games and DIY science, we’ve got you covered with some original biotechnology gifts.

A portrait of your own DNA

biotechnology gifts DNA portrait

What gift could be more personal than a portrait capturing your own DNA? If you order one of these, you will receive a cheek swab kit to collect your DNA. You can choose between different sizes and colors, or include more than one person if you want a family portrait. That would definitely make for a truly original holiday postcard.

A 3D model of your favorite biomolecule

biotechnology gifts 3D model

These 3D models accurately represent the structure of some of the most relevant molecules in the biotechnology world. Their size is perfect to put them on a shelf or on your work desk. Whether you like CRISPR-Cas9, antibodies, viruses, the famous green fluorescent protein, or ion channels, you will be able to enjoy looking at your favorite molecule every day.

Biology-themed notebooks

Biotechnology gifts notebooks
Image/Cognitive Surplus

What would be a better way to start the year than noting down your plans and ideas in a brand new notebook? With different models available in multiple sizes, these notebooks are the perfect gift for those who like to stay organized in style — or those who need somewhere to dump everything on their busy minds.

A viral boardgame

Image/Arcane Wonders

Boardgame fans will love this gift. In this game, the players become viruses with the goal of taking over the host’s organs while avoiding the immune system and competing with the other viruses. For once, it must be nice to play the side of the attackers instead of being their victim.

biotechnology gifts

The holidays are a great time to do some baking, whether with your family or on your own. Give your homemade cookies an original and nerdy spin with these cookie cutters. They come in a variety of shapes: DNA, cells, viruses, chromosomes, and many more. Choose your favorite and get to baking.

Electrophoresis mugs

biotechnology gifts


Get your fix of coffee — or your drink of choice — in the morning with these mugs, featuring the bands you’d get in an ideal electrophoresis experiment. The design is also available in a wide range of other products, including T-shirts, prints, and other home decorations.

Scientifically accurate molecular paintings

David Goodsell

Image/David Goodsell

Scientist David Goodsell has created a series of beautiful watercolor paintings representing molecular landscapes beautifully and accurately. The images can be used for free under a creative commons license, so you can turn them into original biotechnology gifts in the form of posters or postcards.

A DIY biology kit

biotechnology gifts genetic engineering
Image/Amino Labs

The company Amino labs sells kits that let you isolate DNA, engineer bacteria and use enzymes among many other biotechnology experiments at home. The kits are geared towards learning, with some of them focusing on making art out of bacteria of different colors — some of them fluorescent under UV light.

Science fashion

tote bag cognitive surplus
Image/Cognitive Surplus

Those who love biotechnology will enjoy these accessories with science-themed prints. With a range of different products including shoes and bags in addition to facemasks, the colorful designs will brighten the day of any science enthusiast.