Scottish Shark Antibodies have caught Amgen’s Eye

Elasmogen and its partner Feldan Therapeutics have signed a research agreement with Amgen to develop shark-inspired antibodies delivered intracellularly.

Elasmogen, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, develops soloMER‘s, which are the smallest naturally-occurring antibody binding domains. “They are remarkably stable,” Caroline Barelle told me this morning at BioTrinity in London. “They can survive extreme pH and temperatures and still bind their target.

Amgen now wants to get hold of the promises of the work of Elasmogen and its partner Feldan Therapeutics, a Canadian biotech with an innovative drug delivery system that can introduce foreign proteins within cells. Barelle highlighted that the new team will be able to deliver the shark-inspired antibodies “even into the nucleus, which is notably difficult to achieve.” However, the big pharma keeps secretive regarding which are the two targets the project will go after.

Elasmogen has already raised €3.5M to fund the technology and is currently looking to raise a Series A round. Its lead candidate is focused on uveitis, an autoinflammatory disease that affects the eye. Unlike antibodies, soloMER’s can travel through the eye and do not require injections. “We plan to get into the clinic within the next 2 years,” said Barelle.

Cover image via Willyam Bradberry /Shutterstock

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