How tiger teams are transforming the life sciences startup landscape

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The life sciences ecosystem is facing a critical moment of transformation, driven by a new generation of startups that adopt a novel approach to scaling up. Unwilling to conform to the status quo, these life sciences startups are challenging conventional methods by adopting a tiger team approach—a dynamic and agile strategy to tackle the intricate challenges that lie ahead.

Ann Meulemans
Ann Meulemans
Co-CEO of 2 Bridge

“In our early days, we realized the importance of addressing challenges dynamically. Our tiger teams tap into a reservoir of expertise, addressing challenges in real-time”, says Ann Meulemans, co-CEO of 2 Bridge, a leading company in healthcare product development, offering end-to-end expertise and tailored solutions to life sciences ventures, including investors, startups, biotechs, and pharma. These teams, comprised of experts from diverse fields, not only tackle immediate challenges but also lay the groundwork for a sustainable and scalable future for startups.

Understanding tiger teams: navigating the life sciences startup maze

“They help startups navigate the challenges of product development, funding, regulatory compliance, and market entry, while ensuring that they maintain their competitive edge and innovation potential”, explains Ann. She emphasizes the critical role these teams play, offering support ranging from strategy and business development to clinical and regulatory affairs. ”The teams are fast, flexible and fierce.”

Kynexis: from incorporation to major financing and regulatory milestones in less than 12 months

Kynexis, with 2 Bridge as a partner from day one is a telling example of how the integrated support model led to impressive results quickly. For Kynexis, the 2 Bridge approach facilitated the successful launch of the company. Kees Been, CEO of Kynexis: “Working with 2 Bridge and accessing their pool of expertise and resources allowed us to become fully operational in a short period of time. As a result, we were able to generate momentum that was important for meeting an important regulatory milestone and raising our recent €57 million Series A round. The Series A will enable us to advance our lead candidate, KYN-5356, to Phase 2 clinical trial completion.”

Forbion, a leading European life sciences venture capital firm, led the financing together with two additional European investors, Ysios Capital and Sunstone. “Starting a company from scratch is challenging and by bringing 2 Bridge inside, we were able to quickly get going with a team that brought all the relevant expertise to the table in drug development, such as  regulatory affairs, clinical trial design and operations and CMC”, added Peter Høngaard Andersen, Operating Partner at Forbion and Executive Chairman of Kynexis.

AbolerIS Pharma: elevating success through collaboration

AbolerIS Pharma presents another compelling testament to the success of the tiger team approach. Through collaborative efforts, the company secured a €27.3 million Series A financing, led by Caixa Capital Risc and co-led by Sound Bioventures and Newton Biocapital. This funding will expedite the development of their lead antibody, presenting opportunities to explore its potential in other autoimmune diseases.

AbolerIS Pharma’s achievements extend beyond funding; their recognition as finalists in the prestigious Lifestars awards attests to their excellence in Series-A financing and acknowledgment as a women-led business of the year.

The future of the tiger team approach in life sciences

These stories echo the transformative power of the tiger team approach for early-stage life sciences companies. By harnessing expertise, resources, and collaborative networks, these startups are not merely overcoming scaling-up challenges—they are paving a path to success in a competitive and complex industry, spearheading innovative solutions for unmet medical needs. The tiger team approach is not just a strategy; it’s a revolution shaping the future of life sciences startups.

Looking ahead, the tiger team approach is poised to redefine the very fabric of the life sciences startup landscape. As the industry evolves, these collaborative teams will play an integral role in driving innovation, fostering strategic partnerships, and propelling scientific breakthroughs. The future promises not just the continued success of individual startups but the cultivation of a vibrant ecosystem where the tiger team ethos becomes synonymous with progress and excellence. In a world where challenges are myriad and solutions complex, the tiger team approach stands as a beacon, guiding the next generation of life sciences pioneers toward unprecedented heights of achievement.

Explore 2 Bridge’s tiger team approach.

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