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Arvinas raises $350 million; Exonate’s trial reaps success; new cancer drugs discovered

Weekly Roundup 24 Nov 2023

Viva’s $210 million round; Merck grabs Caraway for $610 million; Genentech signs a deal with NVIDIA 

Weekly Roundup 10 Nov 2023

Korro Bio and Frequency’s merger; Lexeo’s $100 million IPO; Gate Biosciences new class of drugs

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Blood tests for Alzheimer’s: a hit or a miss?

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Promising cure for COPD: is a breakthrough treatment within reach?

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CAR-NK: Can natural killer cell therapy pick up from where CAR-T left off?

Rebuilding relations: U.K. rejoins Horizon Europe to boost funding opportunities

In Depth 14 Sep 2023

Righting wrongs: genetic justice for Henrietta Lacks  

Podcast 25 Aug 2023

Beyond Biotech podcast 60 – The cost of research

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Lab-grown babies on the horizon: how IVG could transform human reproduction