Almaden Genomics launches g.nome platform


Almaden Genomics has launched g.nome, a cloud-native platform designed to streamline genomic workflows and accelerate genomic discovery. 

Leveraging a visual drag-and-drop workflow builder and curated library of toolkits, Almaden Genomics said g.nome enables users to have confidence in their results, get to market faster and scale their business profitably.

The g.nome platform condenses bioinformatic pipeline building from what previously has taken months to hours, the company said. “From promising drug development, diagnosis of genetic disease, and the realization of personalized medicine, g.nome helps speed discovery in genomic research.”

Pipeline development

“The g.nome platform is a revolutionary approach to bioinformatics that we are launching after an extremely successful customer pilot phase,” said Mark Kunitomi, chief scientific officer of Almaden Genomics. 

“It validated our value proposition in the commercial biotech market by showing that with g.nome, anyone who understands genomics can participate in pipeline development. The possibilities for the healthcare innovation it can power are as vast as they are life-changing.”

Many medical advances are based on the ability of modern biotech and pharma companies to analyze terabytes of genomic data using bioinformatics pipelines – the sequencing of multiple pieces of distinct code. Traditional barriers linked to workflow language, process flow visibility and quality control are removed with g.nome, leaving streamlined, scalable and interoperable genomic workflows that allow research teams to do what they do best: focus on the science.

“The g.nome platform has been a game changer for us,” said Puya Yazdi, chief science officer and chief medical officer at SelfDecode. 

“We have been able to acquire customers faster and scale our business more quickly by providing results to our customers in a fraction of the time it used to take. My team really likes the easy graphical interface and toolkits and we now produce reliable production pipelines in a matter of days not months. The g.nome platform is helping us move at the speed of our own innovation and that is priceless.”

The g.nome platform eliminates the need for coding in most applications and allows the broader research team to actively participate in the pipeline building and executing processes.

Personalized medicine that takes account of a patient’s genetic makeup for drug and therapeutic development is expected to grow dramatically providing all of us with an opportunity for earlier care and better outcomes. But, the process is iterative by nature with the writing and maintenance of code significantly slowing time-to-market,” said Tricia D’Cruz, executive chairperson of Almaden Genomics. 

“With g.nome, we solve a massive bioinformatics bottleneck, speeding research and development with the ability to create and execute a pipeline, which can take at times up to six months down to about an hour, enabling rapid iteration and discovery.”

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