Bio-Rad introduces pioneer antibody discovery platform for therapeutic development


Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. yesterday (November 15) announced the launch of its Pioneer Platform, a new antibody discovery service specifically designed to develop biologic candidates.

The Pioneer Platform features a phage display library engineered to include more than 200 billion unique sequences and capable of identifying high-affinity antibody candidates using Bio-Rad’s newly developed SpyDisplay selection technology. The Pioneer antibody library is optimized for candidates that are suitable for drug development.

Antibody affinity refers to the strength with which the epitope binds to an individual paratope (antigen-binding site) on the antibody. High affinity antibodies bind quickly to the antigen, permit greater sensitivity in assays and maintain this bond more readily under difficult conditions. Low affinity antibodies, by contrast, bind weakly to the antigen and often do not detect the antigen in-vivo or in assays.

Bio-Rad’s prototypes of therapeutic antibodies

Tailored to each client’s specific requirements, Bio-Rad’s discovery platform uses TrailBlazer technology to provide prototypes of therapeutic antibodies in a multitude of formats for streamlined lead identification.

Final IgG antibodies will be delivered functionally characterized with a complete data package and sequences. Customers will have exclusivity and ownership of antibody sequences.

IgG antibodies are highly potent molecules, with the unique ability to link foreign particles to innate immune cells. IgG antibodies recognize antigens with high affinity and bind cellular Fc receptors with low affinity individually. These interactions occur in the form of immune complexes, resulting in high-avidity interactions.

Supporting biotherapeutic space

In fact, the effector functions triggered by IgG antibodies are highly dependent on the type of Fc receptor that is bound; however, many aspects can influence Fc receptor binding by IgG antibodies, including the IgG isotype and the composition of the glycan on the IgG antibody. 

John Cardone, Bio-Rad marketing manager, said: “The commercial launch of Pioneer Platform demonstrates Bio-Rad’s focus on supporting the biotherapeutic space. With decades of experience in antibody discovery, our team of scientists and technical specialists accelerate and simplify the process to identify functional biologics for the targets of interest.”

Bio-Rad develops, manufacturing and works on a broad range of products for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. With 70 years of focus on quality and customer service, our products advance the scientific discovery process and improve healthcare.

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