The Top European Biotech Investment Rounds in May

10/06/2021 - 4 minutes

Last month saw huge biotech investment rounds dedicated to Covid-19 vaccines in Europe, including IPOs by Valneva and Vaccitech. However, a €227M (£195M) private round by the DNA sequencing giant Oxford Nanopore Technologies made the biggest splash.

Last month was a difficult one for a number of public biotech companies. Biotech stock indices proved volatile due to regulatory and economic concerns. This shaky environment, combined with recent gene therapy safety scares, prompted the UK firm Gyroscope Therapeutics to postpone a Nasdaq IPO. 

For investment firms, however, the outlook was more optimistic. Last month continued a boom in fundraising for life sciences investors that started in late 2020. A notable addition to the biotech investments team was the French startup creator eureKARE, which recently debuted with €49M ($60M) and an eye for opportunities in the microbiome and synthetic biology fields. 

European biotechs took home just over €1B in 49 funding rounds in May. Healthcare players pocketed the most cash, with infectious disease and oncology research receiving the strongest support.

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