Biotech of the Week: Lexogen and it’s Transcriptomic Approach to Disease

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This week we say ‘bye for noo’ to Edinburgh and head South East, across the English Channel and through both Netherlands and Germany where we arrive at this week’s destination, Vienna, Austria. This country is the place of birth of Mozart, has the only cuisine named after a city (Viennese) and absolutely stunning scenery, it is also the location of our biotech of the week, Lexogen.

Lexogen GmbH

City: Vienna, Austria

Founded: 2007

Financial Data: N/A

Employees: 28


Alexander Seitz, Lexogen CEO

Mission: Lexogen, a transcriptomics, and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) company is focusing on the development of technologies for complete transcriptome sequencing. It is hoping to achieve this as the transcriptome is believed to be of key importance in answering many biological questions regarding the disease, including genetics and medicine. It currently has 6 sequencing kits, control mix, and an analytic software on the market, aiding research across the globe. It’s founding was supported by both private capital and public funds and in 2015, opened a subsidiary, Lexogen Inc, in New Hampshire, USA.

Comments: Next-gen sequencing is a booming field right now, which is linked to the dramatical price decrease of sequencing a human genome. It started at 100 million dollars for the Human Genome Project to now in theory almost 1000$ (in reality more around 5000$). Being in this booming field which could humanity is clearly an opportunity for Lexogen.

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