Campbell Neurosciences creates saliva-based test for suicidal thoughts

suicide suicidal thoughts

Therapeutic Solutions International (TSOI) has announced that its spin-off biotech company, Campbell Neurosciences, Inc., obtained successful validation of its suicidal ideation predictive test using a saliva-based system. 

Previously, the company reported successful stratification of suicidal tendencies using a proprietary blood-based biomarker.

In the trial, the company previously assessed levels of the inflammatory marker in 10 patients with no history of suicide (Group 1), 10 patients with suicidal ideations (Group 2), and 10 patients with suicidal ideations who attempted suicide in the last six months (Group 3). Results demonstrated that patients in Group 1 had 7.6±2.4 pg/ml of cytokine, whereas Group 2 had 28.9 ±6.3 pg/ml and in Group 3 had 45.8 ±7.7 pg/ml.

“Due to difficulties associated with blood draws that is specific to the target patient population, as well as advantages of performing and obtaining results of the test in the doctor’s office, we have opted to focus on development of a saliva-based point of care test,” said Kalina O’Connor, president, and CEO of Campbell Neurosciences. 

Campbell Neurosciences test validation

“Today’s validation of our saliva-based test is the first step towards larger clinical trials and commercialization of the first biological-based system to help predict individuals at risk of this modern-day epidemic.”

According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are twice as many deaths from suicide as compared to homicide. Additionally, suicide is the second leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 10 and 34.

“The prospects of a simple saliva-based test will allow for a more personalized approach to regenerative psychiatry, which in the end will result in more lives saved,” said Timothy Dixon, president, and CEO of Therapeutic Solutions International. 

“In addition to the accomplishment of this significant milestone, we are proud of the patent portfolio being developed by Campbell which discloses regenerative and immunological approaches to mental illness and drug addiction.”

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