Clinical Microbiomics acquires MS-Omics

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Clinical Microbiomics, a microbiome research company, has acquired MS-Omics, a metabolomics provider based in Denmark. 

Clinical Microbiomics works on clonal-level microbiome profiling.  

With the acquisition, Clinical Microbiomics adds expertise in metabolite profiling from MS-Omics to further advance its systems biology platform and help researchers worldwide understand the microbiome and how to impact health and disease.  

Anders Grøn, CEO at Clinical Microbiomics, said: “There is an unmet need in the microbiome field for better solutions to integrate microbiome and metabolome data. This demands a truly interdisciplinary approach – one that is made possible through this acquisition. We’re excited to engage with our network of researchers around the world to bring the new platform and services to work.” 

‘Next frontier’

Microbiome science could be the next frontier in addressing urgent health challenges and organizations worldwide are exploring this potential by developing nutritional products, live-biotherapeutics, and diagnostic tests.

The microbiome impacts health via the metabolites that it produces or modifies. This includes secondary microbial metabolites, conversion of food and drugs, and human-derived metabolites such as bile acids. The microbiome is a major source of variation in the human metabolome. 

Clinical Microbiomics said it is utilizing advanced bioinformatics and systems biology to integrate the two disciplines paving the way for new innovations. 

Morten Danielsen, CEO at MS-Omics, said: “This transaction is a big milestone for our companies. It is a result of a strategic dialogue where it became clear that together we would be uniquely positioned to address microbiome research questions across the field. Together, we will be in position to offer a differentiated portfolio of services, lead the way with innovative concepts designed specifically for the fast-growing microbiome field, and benefit from improved sales coverage around the world.” 


Earlier this month, Clinical Microbiomics announced the finalization of a €10 million ($9.7 million) investment from Seventure Partners’ Health for Life Capital II fund.  

Clinical Microbiomics, founded in 2015, hosts the richest data-warehouse on the market with more than 30,000 samples linking in excess of 3 million bacterial strains to clinical phenotypes and is offering GCP-compliant microbiome research services for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry. It is working with global academic institutions and microbiome innovators across food, nutrition, and consumer health companies.  

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