Catching Up with the French Leader in Immuno-Oncology #BIOEurope

November 7, 2016 - 1 minute

Despite the deflating attitudes towards immuno-oncology, OSE Immunotherapeutics is forging ahead. We caught up with the CEO, Dominique Costantini, at BIO Europe to make our first video Interview. 

OSE Immunotherapeutics is developing immunotherapy products against invasive and metastatic late-stage cancers. Memopi is one of its key technologies, and it is currently under development for ovarian, colon and breast cancers.

The treatment helps the patient’s immune system remove malignant cancer cells, by ‘re-educating its immunological memory‘ in order to allow the immune system to attack tumor cells. By doing this, the patient’s cytotoxic T cells increase and are able to respond more efficiently to the cancer.

Riding on the success of its product, OSE raised €21M and IPO’d in March 2015. Its success could be credited to its management team of highly experienced veterans. Dominique Costantini, whom we interviewed shortly after the IPO, brought to market one of France’s only biologicals with BioAlliance Pharma.

We checked in on OSE’s progress at BIO Europe, which kicked off today in Cologne, Germany.


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