IMV presents positive lymphoma trial results


IMV Inc. has announced positive preliminary data from its VITALIZE phase 2B trial.

The study is evaluating IMV Inc. lead DPX product, maveropepimut-S (MVP-S), in combination with pembrolizumab, in patients with relapsed, refractory diffuse large B cell lymphoma (r/r DLBCL).

IMV Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of immune-educating therapies based on its novel DPX platform to treat solid and hematologic cancers.

“VITALIZE is our most advanced and rigorous trial to date, and we are encouraged by the way the data for MVP-S are trending. This is the most refractory population of patients we have treated so far, and to show complete, confirmed clinical responses is notable. These positive initial results, combined with the accelerating recruitment of the AVALON study in platinum resistant ovarian cancer add, we believe, to the growing industry enthusiasm about the potential for MVP-S in multiple tumor settings,” said Andrew Hall, CEO of IMV.

About the VITALIZE study

The VITALIZE phase 2B trial is a randomized, parallel group, Simon two-stage study designed to assess IMV’s lead candidate, MVP-S, in combination with pembrolizumab with (arm 1) or without (arm 2) cyclophosphamide. 

Across the arms of this study, the combination will be evaluated in up to 30 patients in stage one (two arms of 15) with the option to expand to up to a total of 102 subjects in stage two with r/r DLBCL who have received at least two prior lines of systemic therapy and who are ineligible or have failed autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT) or CAR-T therapy.

About the AVALON study

The AVALON study is an open label, company-sponsored phase 2b, single arm trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of MVP-S and intermittent low-dose cyclophosphamide (CPA) in patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. The study is a Simon two-stage design where up to 41 subjects will be evaluated in stage one, with the option to expand to up to a total of 73 patients in stage two.

Patients participating in the trial will receive two doses of subcutaneous MVP-S once every three weeks, followed by an MVP-S dose once every eight weeks, plus low-dose oral CPA on a repeating cycle of one week on/one week off.

About IMV Inc.

IMV Inc. is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company advancing a portfolio of therapies based on its immune-educating platform, DPX. 

Through a differentiated mechanism of action, the DPX platform delivers instruction to the immune system to generate a specific, robust, and persistent immune response. IMV’s lead candidate, maveropepimut-S (MVP-S), delivers antigenic peptides from survivin, a cancer antigen commonly overexpressed in advanced cancers. MVP-S also delivers an innate immune activator and a universal CD4 T cell helper peptide. These elements foster maturation of antigen presenting cells as well as robust activation of CD8 T cell effector and memory function. 

MVP-S treatment has been well tolerated and has demonstrated defined clinical benefit in multiple cancer indications as well as the activation of a targeted and sustained, survivin-specific anti-tumor immune response. MVP-S is currently being evaluated in clinical trials for hematologic and solid cancers, including DLBCL, ovarian, bladder and breast cancers

IMV Inc. is also developing a second immunotherapy leveraging the DPX immune delivery platform, DPX-SurMAGE. This dual-targeted immunotherapy combines antigenic peptides for both the survivin and MAGE-A9 cancer proteins to elicit immune responses to these two distinct cancer antigens simultaneously. A phase 1 clinical trial in bladder cancer, using MVP-S or DPX-SurMAGE, was initiated in early 2022. 

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