New British Spinout May Get Snapped Up by Allergan for $400M

January 26, 2018 - 1 minute

KaNDy Therapeutics, a women’s health spinout helmed by Mary Kerr, is rumored to be in acquisition talks that value the company at $400M (€322M).

Details are sparse, but according to a report from Bloomberg, Stevenage-based KaNDy Therapeutics is supposedly in the late stages of a discussion with Allergan about a possible buyout. KaNDy, a recent spinout from Managing Director Mary Kerr’s other company, NeRRe Therapeutics (which was spun out of GSK), is developing a neurokinin-based treatment for menopause and valued at $400M (€322M).

As Kerr explained to us at our London Meetup last fall, KaNDy is named for its asset’s target, the KNDy neuronal network, which plays a key role in menopausal thermal regulation. The candidate is not yet in the clinic, but Kerr expressed her confidence in its potential demonstrated in preclinical studies. Even though this drug is still in the early stages, women’s health has been attracting a lot of interest: For instance, this time last year, ObsEva went public in one of 2017’s largest Nasdaq biotech IPOs.

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