New Massive €250M Investment Fund Closed for European Biotech

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Life Sciences Partners (LSP) has closed its new life sciences fund, ‘LSP5’. The fund surpassed its €152M target and reached the ‘hard cap’ of €250M, making it one of the largest life sciences funds in the EU.

lsp_lsp5_biotech_medtech_finance_europe_vc_fundLSP is one of the oldest and most successful Biotech investors in Europe. It claims over 25% return on investment per year in private investment, which is very high.

To get to this high return, it participated in many of the European success-stories, such as Qiagen, Crucell and more recently ProSensa, which went on to be sold to BioMarin for $840M in early 2015.

And it has over $1.2Bn of investment capital raised to date, managed from offices in Amsterdam, Munich and Boston. The new fund (LSP5) will invest in around 20 companies across the areas of drug development, medical devices and diagnostics.

And it has already started to invest, taking positions in 9 such companies. Examples include Irish medical device company Neuravi, Swiss-based immuno-oncology company Nouscom, and Kuros Biosciences, which was recently listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange after a merger, focusing on tissue repair and regeneration.

It was just in November that LSP partnered up with the Cancer giant Bristol-Myers Squibb to invest more into Immuno-Oncology too. As Managing Partner at LSP, René Kuijten, commented:

The healthcare sector is developing favorably and European science is reaching new heights.”

And this is true, with the former Index Life Sciences launching another similar sized fund (as Medicxi Ventures) in Feburary just after the Apollo Fund Launch, and other funds (from the Microbiome to Abingworth).

Evidently, the Life Sciences Industry (including Biotech) is continuing on its general upward trend. And it’s good to hear of so many investment opportunities, grants and partnership programmes being made available within the field.


Here’s LSP Mission video. Not so technical, but some stunning footage…

LSP – Life Sciences Partners from Deep Thought Productions on Vimeo.

Feature Image Credit: Pixabay



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