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Earlier this year, we added a page to the website with all of the global events and conferences taking place.

It’s been very well received, and we’ve had plenty of messages telling us of events to add. 

Now, we’ve added a new resource to our site. It’s a list of all of the health and science awareness days, weeks, and months.

We didn’t include all of the many fundraising events that take place around the world, worthy though they all are. 

Dig deep in May

It’s clear from the list that August, when much of the northern hemisphere is on vacation, isn’t a good time to be raising awareness. And nor is December, with the holiday season in full swing. In January, it’s still winter and many people are recovering financially from December.  For those digging into their pockets to donate to charities associated with these events, May is when the most awareness anniversaries are held. 

While fundraising is important, so is simple awareness. Some conditions and diseases, with the most obvious being cancer, are very much in the public eye. But while ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is relatively well known, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, with similar numbers of people affected, is less prominent.

There’s also some duplication, too. Not every country raises awareness of a disease at the same time. And as there are so many different forms of cancer, so there are many different cancer awareness days, weeks or months.

We haven’t limited the list to just conditions, though. We’ve also included science awareness, such as DNA Day (April 25), and Clinical Trials Day (May 20).

For awareness weeks, we’ve simply listed the first day of the week.

We’ve tried to include as many of these awareness milestones as possible, and it’s quite possible we’re missing some. If we are missing anything, please let us know, we’re happy to add to the list. 

We chose not to add links, as many of these events have a different website in each country marking the occasion.

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