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eureKARE, a company focused on financing and building next generation biotech companies in the fields of synthetic biology, has launched its first synthetic biology studio in Belgium. 

In conjunction with this, eureKARE has appointed Georges Rawadi as chief of biotech studio development. eureKARE said its thematic synthetic biology studio model is a novel, flexible approach to biotech start-up creation.

eureKARE is developing a pan-European biotech studio network covering several areas where synthetic biology can create solutions and high market value products.

The synthetic biology studios will focus on biomedical and other thematic applications in different European innovation hotspots. The strategy is based on identifying, selecting, and nurturing high-quality European science. 

The model brings together scientists from across Europe and offers services that combine all the tools to bring their concepts to life, while benefiting from a collection of skills and knowledge through a broad network of academic and industrial professionals.

In his new position, Rawadi will oversee eureKARE’s network of synthetic biology studios and work with management in key localities to build an ecosystem of innovation hubs across Europe. 

First studio

The initial focus will be on the launch of eureKARE’s inaugural studio, in Belgium, which will focus on the biomedical applications of synthetic biology. Additional studios will be set up to focus on select areas of synthetic biology research identified by eureKARE.

Rodolphe Besserve, CEO of eureKARE, said: Our ambition is to build a strong synthetic biology network in Europe, acting as a bridge between academia and industry to transform innovation into companies. Georges is an experienced and well-known European biotech entrepreneur, and we are excited to have him lead our unique network of synthetic biology studios. Establishing our first studio for biomedical applications in Belgium is a pivotal moment for eureKARE and, with Georges at the helm, we anticipate further rapid expansion of this network across Europe.”

Rawadi said: “In just over a year, eureKARE has completed a number of key investments across synthetic biology, and co-founded a European SPAC in biomanufacturing. I look forward to joining its team of experts to leverage the broad potential within this space. Through the launch of the first synthetic biology studio in Belgium, eureKARE is championing a new model of start-up creation and development to build Europe’s future synthetic biology leaders and address the world’s most critical health and environmental challenges.”

Rawadi background

Rawadi has more than 25 years of experience across the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, most recently serving as CEO at YSOPIA Bioscience, where he oversaw its transformation into a clinical-stage biotechnology company.

He started his career as a research scientist before joining Sanofi. In 2002, he co-founded Proskelia and served as a scientific director until 2004. Over the next decade, Rawadi assumed various roles in business development at ProStrakan, Galapagos and Cellectis, before becoming VP business development & IP at Celyad. 

He is currently on the board of directors at Alia Therapeutics and is a chairman of the strategic board at Apmonia Therapeutics. 

Earlier this year, eureKARE set up a special purposes acquisition company, with the ambition of merging multiple European contract development and manufacturing organizations into a heavyweight serving developers of gene therapies, protein drugs, and microbiome therapeutics.

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