Watch: Eva Hoffmann talks about genetics and fertility

Eva Hoffmann University of Copenhagen

Eva R. Hoffmann is the Professor in Molecular Genetics at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

She is involved in the Molecular Aging Program, Medical Genetics Program and the Centre for Chromosome Stability.

Hoffmann’s laboratory investigates the role of the DNA damage response and cell cycle proteins in governing the genetic changes that occur in the germline to generate diversity and maintain genome stability. 

It focuses on those genes that, when defective, give rise to reproductive disease or cancer. The researchers use a combination of model organisms (mouse and yeast) as well as human eggs and embryos to explore this poorly understood area of human biology.

Hoffmann’s department is also a part of ReproUnion, a public-private partnership with 11 hospitals, universities and industry players in the Greater Copenhagen region. ReproUnion is a collaboration between Sweden and Denmark in the area of reproductive medicine. More than 50 professors and researchers work across disciplines to drive research in the underlying reasons of infertility and to optimize fertility treatment. ReproUnion also works on preventive initiatives to ensure people are equipped with the right information to make informed choices about family planning.

Hoffmann gave a presentation at the Medicon Valley Alliance annual summit, and we spoke with her after the event at the University of Copenhagen.

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