Watch: Interview with IRBM’s Heidi Kingdon Jones

December 20, 2022 - 1 minute

The IRBM Group is an innovative research and discovery CRO (contract research organization) working across all aspects of drug discovery and early development. 

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Headquartered in Italy, the company fosters collaborations with organizations from the pharma, biotech, non-profit and academic sectors to accelerate the development of vaccines and medicines. 

About 250 scientists work at the company’s R&D facility near Rome, where projects are carried out under one roof, enabling rapid cycle times and close integration of the scientific teams. IRBM’s scientists have discovered several marketed therapeutics, and more than 25 molecules have progressed into clinical testing.

We spoke with IRBM’s global vice president of sales and marketing, Heidi Kingdon Jones, at Bio-Europe, which was held in Leipzig, Germany.

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