5 Steps to Transform your Laboratory into an Automated Workspace!

14/03/2016 - 7 minutes

Today’s laboratories work with a range of information sources – from samples, results, tests, storage, budget, client’s requests and so on. In this way, information finds itself at the heart of a lab, and is crucial for efficient research. Automation and digitalization of the workspace can therefore help labs to manage this large amount of information. Labiotech, in collaboration with AgileBio, brings you a quick 5-step guide to know the basics of Lab Automation!


Step 1: Choose a LIMS

You may have heard of LIMS, or Laboratory Information Management System. In a few words, a LIMS is a software that helps you manage all information related to your laboratory. Think about how labs manage information today. It can be in different formats: reports, spreadsheets, presentations, images from microscopy etc.

Now, imagine how they usually store this information: in different files, folders, paper notebooks, on different computers or perhaps on a server.

This unstructured way to manage information leads to time consuming tasks and can ultimately lead to the loss of data.

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