Where to Find the Perfect Mix of International and German Biotechs? Berlin!

15/06/2017 - 6 minutes

Germany’s capital city Berlin is the perfect meeting place for international and German biotech companies. See here why the city has become a hotspot for life sciences research institutions and businesses!

Berlin! Berlin! We’re going to Berlin!” It might be a phrase usually sung by football fans, but maybe it’s time to have it chanted by other groups as well!

With its overflowing potential and many strengths, Germany’s capital has become a life sciences centre treasured by many global players. Over 240 biotech companies, 30 pharmaceutical companies and more than 30 research institutions, including distinguished centers, such as Max Planck and Leibniz Institutes, have swept Berlin to the forefront of biotechnology research.

The tightly woven network of companies, universities, research institutions and startups is the secret to Berlin’s success in biotech and digital health. From all over the world, companies have come to Berlin to settle and unfold their potential. Amongst them are Sanofi from France,

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