What’s Berlin’s Secret to Success in Biotech & Digital Health?

16/03/2017 - 8 minutes

Berlin is a creative crossroads not just for arts but also life science. A variety of players in academia, industry, and startups make the ecosystem blossom.

To those who know Berlin as a creative hub, it might come as a surprise that life science is one of the city’s industrial pillars. The German capital region is home to more than 500 companies in biotech, pharma, and medtech, as well as 35 large research institutions focused on life sciences and around 130 hospitals. Above all, one of Europe’s largest and most renowned university hospitals, Charité, calls the city home.

Perhaps the density of institutions is a product of the Cold War. When the city was divided into East and West, there had to be two copies of everything, including universities, hospitals, and research institutions. Since reunification, Berlin city has found that it now has double the strength of an ordinary city as its old rival halves have joined forces to create a thriving ecosystem for all kinds of companies.

More than 20 years after the wall fell,

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