World’s most advanced Artificial Heart started its last Study before Approval

31/08/2016 - 3 minutes

This artificial heart could replace any defective heart. It’s being developed by the French company Carmat, which just started the last clinical phase before market approval.

carmat_logoCarmat is solving one of the life-long problems for humans, how to replace a broken heart. It’s not the first to offer a solution (e.g. Robert Jarvik in the US), but it is the first to offer such a technologically advanced and integrated product. Though it is battery-dependent, this artificial heart would wholly replace the one beating in your chest.

The company was founded in 2008 in Paris by famous cardiologist Alain Carpentier, partnering with EADS (the company behind Airbus) and bankrolled by the venture capital firm, Truffle Capital. The company is well funded after its IPO in July 2010and raised a €50M round in March of this year.

The company has had ups and down in its lifetime. It sold the story so well that every mainstream media covered it, but since its development was still very early stage,

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