CAR-T: “This is totally different from what everyone else is doing”

06/06/2016 - 2 minutes

And on the topic of CAR-T, Joachim spoke to Georges Rawadi from the Belgium based biotech, Celyad.  

Having originally been built on research into a cell therapy for cardiology, Celyad started back in 2007. Now Rawadi explained it’s coming to the end of a cycle for the Cardiology programme. So naturally, they asked what next?

Well – that’s where CAR-T came in…Please accept preferences cookies to watch this video.

Celyad is aso honing in on the problem of cell-therapies for solid tumors, based on some ‘very solid’ preclinical data they had generated.

As a result, their CAR-T approach has a distinct mechanism that doesn’t only kill the cells like most CAR-T – but also changes the tumor microenvironment (an interesting area in Immunotherapy – as discussed in our panel).

it will differentiate us from other CAR-T companies.”

And how did Novartis change the CAR-T field, with results which are obviously very impressive.

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