Yes, Biotech can help you win the Olympic Games of Rio

09/08/2016 - 5 minutes

The world’s eyes are set on the 2016 edition of the Summer Olympics, which started in Rio de Janeiro last week. I had a look at how Biotech has been involved in the Olympics – and how it could define it in the future.

olympic games rio 2016 dopingThe Summer Olympics of 2016 have been marked by its fair share of controversy. And not by the slightly confusing fact that, technically, it’s now Winter in Brazil.

No, the Olympics have been fighting science – or at least science-related problems. These include the epidemic of Zika virus, how the Guanabara Bay probably needs a bioremediation miracle and, finally, doping.

While this year’s most prominent case is the Russian doping scandal, sports and doping are about as much of a couple as cops and thieves (or bacteria and antibiotics).

There’s a lot of doping agents, most of them small molecules. But biologicals also have a place in doping. There’s one that stands out –

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