Berlin Biotech Breakthrough: Myelo is Only 3 Years old and Already Starting a Phase II Trial for Breast Cancer!

15/12/2015 - 3 minutes

Myelo Therapeutics in Berlin (Germany) has been approved for a phase II trial for its Chemo-induced Neutropenia therapy for Breast cancer after completing a successful series B financing round.

myelo_therapeutics_cancer_neutropeniaA reduced level of neutrophils (a type of leukocyte) is called neutropenia. It can leave a patient vulnerable to infection and to developing febrile neutropenia, a condition that can be fatal and requires hospital admission.

Chemotherapy induced neutropenia (CIN) can therefore be an additional life-threatening risk to cancer patients, and is a key therapeutic area for immuno-oncological research in Biotech. About 2.4 million chemotherapy cycles with a high to medium risk for CIN are given each year and the global market for therapies to prevent CIN has a mounts to more than €4.58Bn.

Myelo001 is a small molecule that works to increase hematopoesis (blood cell production). Its oral application is being investigated as a treatment for CIN and also chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia (CIT).

It was also found to induce the differentiation of immature myeloid precursors,

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