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Podcast 9 Feb 2024

Biosimilars and what’s new in cell and gene therapies

Alvotech and JAMP Pharma add two biosimilar candidates for Canadian market

FDA gives $1.3M grant to Biologics & Biosimilars Collective Intelligence Consortium

More News! 17 Oct 2018

The EU Patent of the Best Selling Drug Has Expired, What Does it Mean for Biotech?

German Humira Biosimilar for Inflammatory Diseases Cleared for EMA Approval


Samsung Bioepis Gets European Approval for Biosimilar of Best-Selling Antibody

Biosimilars Struggle to Substitute Brand-Name Drugs

Biosimilars set to take on Oncology after a new Market Authorization

More News! 8 Feb 2017

The FDA lays down Laws of Interchangeability: New Era for Biosimilars?

Sanofi Jumps into the Biosimilars Market aiming for Asia

Boehringer’s Biosimilar could take a Chunk out of the Cancer Market