Live from Bio-Europe 2015: The product development challenges in the gene therapy field

10/03/2015 - 3 minutes

Gene Therapy is really the hot topic right now in the field of Biotech especially with technologies such as CRISPR and CAR-T therapies. The value of such companies are skyrocketing and many see the field as the next potential blockbuster therapies.

Gene therapy has clearly a huge potential but also lot of challenges, let’s go through them thanks to a panel discussion hosted at Bio-Europe Spring in Paris, including Frédéric Revah, CEO of Genethon, Marina Cavazzana, Head of Department Biotherapy – Necker Hospital of Paris, Alexandra Glucksmann, COO Editas Medicine, and Clark Pan, VP head of discovery therapeutics, Shire.
First question you might ask yourself is why is the field emerging now? The field is now around since 20 years. initially, gene therapy had a very low value because it was unknown. Now, it is less risky and more companies had successes with it as for example Bluebird Bio, Boston-based Biotech with the biggest market cap in the gene therapy field (watch the CEO’s exclusive interview).

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