The Top 15 European Biotech VCs

13/10/2015 - 9 minutes

Biotech wouldn’t exist without Venture Capitalists. These investors bring the cash necessary to run clinical trials or conduct the scaling-up of processes, along with many years of experience. Though admittedly Europe definitely hasn’t got as much money floating around as the US, there are many major Biotech VCs in Europe … Here are 15 of the biggest EU VCs:

Note: I’ve only listed non-corporate investors and only VCs having their “headquarters” in Europe

Update October 15th: A lot of readers asked me how the ranking has been made. I used several criteria including money under management, past successes, location, foundation date, reputation and also my personal experience.

N°1: Woodford – the British Biotech Superinvestor woodford_logo

Location: London, UK

Foundation: 2014

Money under management: €1.1Bn – includes investment in public established companies as well.

Managing partner:


Neil Woodford

Portfolio companies:woodford_portofolio

Comment: Neil Woodford is one the most respected British fund managers.

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