How Can BioArt Help Geneticists and the Biotech Field?

02/12/2015 - 4 minutes

BioArt is a hot interdisciplinary sub-genre springing up in Galleries all over Europe. Here is a summary of a review on the movements increasing relevance to the Biotech Industry…

biotech_bioartIn part thanks to the Biohacking and DIY Biotech movement, accessibility to lab equipment, 3D-printers, and the popularity of the Synthetic Biology iGEM Competition, artists around the world are now tapping into Biotech to generate unique and scientifically functional art pieces.

We’re launching a new blog series on such works and projects going on in the BioArt community in Berlin, as well as around the rest of Europe.

For example, we went to the TransArt festival earlier this month in Copenhagen, where geneticists and artists alike had come together to produce some truly wonderful exhibits (including the Drosophila Danish Crown‘ printer and a flower which had been encoded by the artist’s own DNA…).


Here I’ll briefly summarise a review on the BioArt scene published yesterday in Cell –

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