10 Holiday Gifts for the Biotechnologist in Your Life

Image/ Elena Resko
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Socks and sweaters are great gifts for Christmas, but sometimes, a bit of biotech love goes a long way. Here’s a list of cool holiday gifts to get for your biotech friends and family.

Whether it’s a fancy genetics shoulder bag, a cuddly immune cell, or glow-in-the-dark mushrooms, you have this holiday sorted. 


DNA-shaped cookie cutter

Choose this gift for the aspiring bakers among your family and friends. Who doesn’t want to have an edible double helix with their coffee?

etsy double helix cookie cutter

Glow-in-the-dark mushroom growing kit

For anyone hoping to save money on lights for their festivities, why not try bioluminescence? This kit lets you grow the naturally glowing mushroom species Panellus stipticus and provides the equipment needed to grow it.

uk mushroom supplies glowing mushroom


The biotech game of life

Have any biotech friends into board games? Check out this game from the website Science Creative Quarterly, where you compete with other players to get your biotech idea into the market first. This is great for anyone on a low budget and into arts and crafts as the game is freely available as a PDF file and just requires some printing and cutting.

game of life biotech scq

Augmented reality T-shirts showing off your organs

Have you ever wondered what kind of person your friend or loved one is on the inside? When you download a free app from the company Curiscope, and view the T-shirt through the phone’s camera, you can see your mate’s internal organs working away on the screen. Great for parties.

virtualitee xmas gift biotech


Killer T-cell cuddly toy

The company Giant Microbes is one of our favorites for holiday gifts because it makes seemingly serious biology into cute and cuddly cartoon characters. Get this holiday gift to show respect to the killer T-cell, which fights cancer and microbial invaders like a true biotech hero.

killer t cell cute

Genetics shoulder bag

Let your loved one look smart and stylish while they do their new year’s sale shopping with this shoulder bag. Also great for quick January exam revision if you are a genetics student.

genetics shoulder bag

Old-school bioreactor lamp

This lamp made out of an old rescued bioreactor is for those biotech friends who reminisce about the old days of the industry.

A while back, we switched to computer-controlled units and this old guy was set aside. After careful cleaning and one final sterilization process, it made it out of the lab,” says the description.  

bioreactor lamp

Neuron-shaped necklace

Any friends working in neurology would really appreciate this one. It’s a necklace made in the shape of a nerve cell, combining brains with bling.

neuron necklace

DIY origami kit for cells and organelles

This is a neat way to teach cell biology on a rainy holiday. Let the recipient harness their inner creativity to fashion alveoli, apoptosis and chloroplasts out of paper. No origami skills are needed, insists the vendor, as the kit comes with an appropriate PowerPoint presentation to get you started.

origami organelles cell membrane xmas gifts combo
Left: cell membrane. Right: antibody

CRISPR/Cas9 T-shirt

The gene editing tool CRISPR/Cas9 is one of the hottest topics in biotech right now. Make the gene editing fans in your group happy by gifting them this T-shirt.

tshirt crispr cas9

What would you recommend for holiday gifts?

Of course, this list is in no way exhaustive. There are many cool gift ideas out there. Let us know which ones you would get!

Images from E. Resko, Etsy, UK Mushroom Supplies, SCQ.ubc.ca, Giant Microbes, Cognitive Surplus, Origami Organelles, Redbubble