The Path to Becoming a Chief Medical Officer in the Biotech Industry

02/08/2021 - 6 minutes

Life science researchers with an entrepreneurship inclination are often attracted to leadership positions with a focus on medical science. Daniel Chung shares his journey to becoming the Chief Medical Officer of the biotech startup SparingVision. 

Within a biotech company, a Chief Medical Officer (CMO) typically oversees and sets the company’s strategy and direction regarding the clinical development of its drug candidates, diagnostics, or other medical technologies. The paths leading to this position within a biotech’s management team can be varied, but typically start with an academic career as a physician or medical researcher. 

Daniel Chung followed a similar path to become the CMO of SparingVision, a French company developing gene therapies for eye disease. He trained as a pediatric ophthalmologist and later joined a gene therapy research group at the University of Pennsylvania. Their research resulted in the creation of a spinout company, Spark Therapeutics, where Chung was in charge of the global medical strategy for ophthalmology, overseeing the development of Luxturna,

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