How Investors Can Prepare for the Digitization of Biotech

06/04/2020 - 6 minutes

For a few decades, the worlds of biotech and digital technology have been on separate paths. Franck Lescure, Partner at the French VC firm Elaia Partners, explains how the two fields are now colliding and how investors need to catch up. 

At first glance, digital technology and biotech are widely different fields, each with their own standards for investments and founding startups. According to Franck Lescure at Elaia, though, the difference in technology doesn’t mean that the two can’t mix.

There is no incompatibility between digital and life sciences, and more and more you see very interesting projects, especially in the deep tech area,” Lescure told me.

Lescure began his career in the life sciences as a scientist at the French biotech Genset, and afterward as a product manager at a healthcare subsidiary of the gas supplier Air Liquide. Following this, he became an investor at Crédit Lyonnais Private Equity and later at Auriga Partners. When he joined Elaia in 2018,

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