Infographic: The biopharmaceutical factory of the future

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The biologics market is increasingly important and continues to grow. Hence, biopharmaceutical companies must adapt to meet the greater demand. The modernization of manufacturing processes and facilities is one way to do this. This infographic discusses how the Factory of the Future will transform the manufacture of biologics. 

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Biopharmaceutical companies are facing several challenges in the development of biologics. Patients from around the world require many types of treatments for a broad range of diseases, which has led to rapid market growth. Additionally, companies are having to cope with clinical and commercial uncertainty, as well as the pressure to keep costs as low as possible to ensure affordability for patients and healthcare systems. 

To keep up with these trends, biopharmaceutical companies need to improve four key business drivers; speed, quality, flexibility, and cost. The quality of their product must be maintained while speeding up production. Ideally, this would be achieved without spiraling costs and companies losing their flexibility to respond to changes in demand.

However, these changes may not be possible with the factories of today. Instead, biopharmaceutical companies must move towards the Factory of the Future. This will require innovation in four facets; process, format, analytics, and digital capabilities. By doing this, aspirations of biomanufacturers, such as increased production efficiency and reduced cost of quality, could be reached.

This infographic, created in collaboration with Merck*, discusses the market trends biopharmaceutical companies face and the business drivers these companies require to meet them. It introduces ‘The Factory of the Future’ and outlines the innovation companies need to reach this stage. Moreover, the infographic introduces Merck’s role and expertise and its BioContinuumTM Platform, which is enabling the biopharmaceutical Factory of the Future.

Download the infographic for free here!

To find out more about Merck‘s BioContinuumTM Platform, visit 

*The life science business of Merck operates as MilliporeSigma in the U.S. and Canada.

This infographic was originally published in February 2021 and has since been updated. 



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