Infographic: Who’s who in the mRNA Therapeutics Field in Europe?

The young field of mRNA therapeutics is booming and generating huge expectations. Which are the main players in Europe turning them into a reality?

Therapies based on mRNA promise better vaccines and therapeutics by instructing the body to produce its own just by reading the instructions written in the RNA sequence. Thought for a long time to be too unstable to be of therapeutic use, mRNA has been developed by labs and companies around the world to become more stable and efficiently expressed. Now, it can be tweaked at will to either be made invisible for the immune system or trigger a strong immune response to act as a vaccine against cancer or infectious disease.

Given these great possibilities, US-based mRNA flagship Moderna has raised an astronomical total of €1.74Bn between fundraisings and partnerships. But Europe is not lagging behind; besides Moderna in the US, only 3 other companies, all based in Europe, have started clinical trials: CureVac and BioNTech, in Germany and eTheRNA in Belgium. Meet them all in this infographic!

Infographic mRNA Companies in Europe Labiotech

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